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You think your flooring deserves more attention and we completely agree with you.

After all, it receives a tremendous amount of wear and tear. Perhaps no other part of your home is subjected to more abuse than the flooring. The sheer amount of foot traffic it receives is enough to wear it out.

To give your concrete flooring the proper attention means hiring the right concrete contractor. You need to work with a company that offers the right flooring services. Their services should do more than just make your flooring look good.

Jenco Companies is the concrete contractor to call for all your concrete flooring needs. We offer your concrete flooring the chance to shine. It would be about its overall quality and not just about the aesthetic side. But the key to this is hiring the best concrete contractor to do the job. To residents of Modesto and Stockton CA, that contractor happens to be Jenco Companies.

Jenco Companies is a Specialty Concrete Contractor and we come to your project with over 55 years of combined experience. From our project estimators to the finish detail work our experienced team will get the project done quickly and to your satisfaction. Each team includes highly qualified tradesmen with the proper tools and the expertise suited for your specific project.

We’re on a mission to provide you with prompt and timely service because we know you are on a schedule and we make every effort to complete your project in your time frame.

We strive to complete your project with as little disruption to your environment as possible because we know you have a life and a business to run.

We want to give you the best value through a combination of efficient and experienced tradesmen and best-priced quality products because we know how important your budget is.

Five reasons to work with Jenco Companies

We understand time is a finite commodity and we make sure we start your job on schedule and we will do everything possible to finish on schedule.

Most members of our team have been with Jenco Companies for over ten years. This continuity shows in the quality service you receive.

We invest time and money in making sure our team is trained on the latest technology and has the latest and best equipment and tools for your project.

We do floor mock-ups so you can see what your floor will look like prior to committing to a stain color.

If there is a problem with any of our work, and things do happen, we fix them. We don’t make excuses or blame others, we just fix the problem.

Additional Reasons to Hire Us at Jenco Companies

If you are still not convinced, we can provide additional reasons to hire us. Below are more reasons for you to trust us with your home flooring needs. They will help prove why we are at the top of our industry. These reasons will help cement Jenco Companies as the primary specialty concrete contractor in Modesto, Stockton, CA, and nearby areas.


Each member of our team is highly-skilled. In fact, we are confident enough to say that we have the most skilled team of concrete contractors in the areas we serve. It gives us the confidence to serve every client. That is why we can guarantee excellent results every time. From concrete polishing to all of our other services.


Our professionalism is another one of our assets. All our members are absolute professionals who understand that we need to do a great job on every project. Clients can expect excellence from us from start to finish. We take great pride in our work so we never settle for anything less than the best results.


We also prioritize customer service. Our team of concrete contractors treats our clients like family. We make no exceptions and do that for everyone. After all, their satisfaction is one of our main goals. So treating them the right way should be a no-brainer.

Cement Flooring Transformations Have Never Been Clearer!

For Premium Flooring Finishing Services, Work With us at Jenco Companies. We are Conveniently Located in Modesto and Stockton, CA to Serve All Our Clients’ Concrete Flooring Needs!

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